Posted on March 18, 2015

We are definitely fans of Ranch Events!  My husband and I booked Ranch for our wedding reception at the Central Library downtown.  They did a great job!  My husband and I met with Bernardo several times before the wedding – we picked out the food with him, we picked out the linens with him, we walked through the reception space with him, etc.  Bernardo was really responsive and took care of all of the details.

One of the things I really remember and appreciate is that I sent Bernardo a barrage of random emails in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  “Bernardo, I just found out that four of our guests are vegetarian.”  “Bernardo, one of our guests has a peanut allergy.”  “Bernardo, we want to put 11 people at this table instead of 10, because they all know each other.”  “Bernardo, can you make a cake that looks like this?”  He was a complete pro with all of it.  He brought in vegetarian entrees for our friends; he brought in a slightly larger tables for our groups of eleven; he had his team put together a delicious cake that was identical to the picture we sent.  It was great!

We definitely recommend Bernardo and his team.  The Library is somewhat of a challenging venue because they don’t have a full kitchen and don’t allow you to bring in cooking equipment that uses open flames.  Ranch did a great job of making everything go off without a hitch.

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