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Meet Gloria!

Posted on July 28, 2020

Meet Gloria!

Gloria has been a part of our Ranch Events family for over 17 years.  She started at Ranch in the linen department doing laundry and has worked her way up to managing the entire department.  Gloria is an expert in the thousands of linen choices that we have available for events.

Once a client chooses their linen and napkin color, the details are entered into an event summary.  Gloria looks at upcoming events and organizes linens for the weeks ahead.  She studies event summaries and the diagrams that are submitted by event designers to make sure that all of the client’s linen needs are met.  On some busy weekends, you’ll find Gloria and her staff up working through the night laundering and prepping linens for the next day. read more

-5- Stars Given to RANCH EVENTS Daily Take-Out Menu

Posted on July 20, 2020


For those of you that don’t know; when all restaurants were closed for dinning and could only provide take-out services, Ranch Events wanted to help the community.  Ranch began offering a daily take-out menu option/service  that can be found on our website and is referenced below.

On YELP July 17, 2020,  Melissa R from San Diego rated Ranch Events -5- STARS and said:

I HIGHLY recommend!


Ranch Events is doing Take-Out during Covid Closures and it is tasty, amazing and very affordable. I’ve loved every meal I’ve purchase. Dinner for 6 with dessert for $30. read more