Highly recommend this location – Seaside Room

Posted on April 13, 2015
Seaside Room

We used the Seaside room for our wedding ceremony and reception site in March 2015.

We worked with Bernardo as our point of contact and I have the highest compliments for him and his staff.  From the first day we met with Bernardo, he took a genuine interest in what we wanted for the wedding and reception.  The fact he controlled the room setup, décor and catering was a tremendous advantage and made it easier for us to focus on other vendors.

The reception went exactly as promised, the buffet lines went smoothly and there were no significant delays to get everyone served.  We received compliments on the food quality and it exceeded our expectations.  Choosing the cupcake option allowed us to choose a variety of flavors and guests were able to sample the multiple options.

Bringing our own alcohol saved us a significant amount of money and allowed us to have an open bar for the entire reception.  The Ranch bartenders were responsive and professional and made sure that we got back everything that was not used.

Highly recommend this location.  Our first impression was that the empty room looked a little dated, but once Bernardo and his team worked their magic we were left with a gorgeous setting for a lifetime of memories.


Clay O.