San Diego Weddings – Top 5 Reasons To Have A Wedding in Winter!

Posted on December 21, 2020

A Wedding in Winter

Want to get married when it’s cold outside? Ranch Events, a San Diego Wedding Cater, knows just what to do to warm up the crowd. There is something about a winter wedding that brings a touch of the fairy tale to celebrations. We think it’s a great season to choose for your big day, so we have put together the top 5 reasons that might convince you to think the same.

1. Early Evenings

One of the best things about winter is that the evenings start early! This means there is more celebration time, and plenty of room for candles, fairy lights or even some fireworks. Summer may be brighter, but in winter, you can create your own light, and build that soft, romantic and inviting mood for the evening’s festivities.

2.  Pictures Perfect

The beauty of winter lies in its ability to paint a stunning picture. Your wedding could take place amidst a snow-kissed scene, and that would make it all the more memorable. Even without snow, winter has a way of bringing out the beauty in surroundings – getting married, surrounded by friends and family, perhaps with a roaring fire burning, contrasting with a crisp, wintery setting outside, sounds like the kind of cozy, romantic celebration everyone would enjoy.

3. Cut The Cost

A more practical reason for choosing winter lies in the cost, as you’ll find off-season rates are pretty favorable. There is usually good availability, and many venues will offer other incentives to choose them for your winter wedding wonderland. Everyone’s budgets differ, but getting a fair price and good value is always important.

4.Desirable Dates

Choosing winter means you could pick from Christmas, New Year and even Valentine’s Day for your wedding. All three are such famous times of the year, so why not add your own personal, romantic connection to one of the dates, and each year you’ll have even more reason to celebrate.

5. The Honeymoon!

Don’t forget that in the southern hemisphere it’s honeymoon season, and there are some incredible destinations to celebrate your wedding – just the two of you. You could take a ski trip, or enjoy the winter sun, and at this time of year, there is some spectacular scenery on display, at the most breathtaking and romantic spots in the world.

Ranch Events would love to plan your winter wedding in 2021. With our years of expertise in detailed event planning, innovative cuisine presentations and our “Top Drawer” client services, we have one goal in mind: Creating a day you will always remember and treasure in your memory forever.

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