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Posted on July 21, 2016

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Corporate Event Trends

Summer is the perfect time to plan a corporate event to get everyone focused on the company and heighten morale. Between the great Southern California weather, summertime food options and with Ranch Events diverse menu choices you can’t go wrong. Check out these corporate event trends!

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Themes & Food

Having a theme for your corporate event can create a lot of excitement and buzz in the office. This summer the corporate Luau seems to be a hit, guests love the Maui BBQ chicken and Kahlua Pork, not to mention it’s a perfect time to break out that Hawaiian shirt nestled in the back of your closet. If you call Ranch Events to plan your event, you will be in the right place. The food selections Ranch Events features in their Hawaiian BBQ menu includes these tasty items. As far as the Hawaiian shirt option, you are on your own!!! Other corporate favorites are old fashioned BBQs complete with tri-tip, ribs and red and white checkered tablecloths and seafood clambakes by the water! Again, Ranch Events Texas BBQ menu features tri-tip and ribs. If you love the idea of a New England clambake, Ranch Events can make that happen by planning a clambake at one of San Diego’s beautiful and scenic beaches. Ranch clients are still talking about the clambake they attended at Mission Bay, San Diego in the summer of 2015. The red and white checkered tablecloths gave the event the added touch of authenticity. You don’t need the Atlantic Ocean to have an exciting and fun clambake.

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Awesome A/V and Tech Trends

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Technology is everywhere. Why not add it to your next corporate event? There are many different ways to bring technology into the mix. Some of our favorite technology trends are:

Make an ideal atmosphere at your event with sound and light. Using AV techniques can “amp” up your event and add feeling. Some hot trends include gesture media which gives the speaker the ability to move objects on the screen by simple body movements. Also, the use of 4K technology presents the clearest and precise images available and finally a well-structured wifi plan ensures all guests can utilize their hand-held devices or laptops. By using the rights services, you can change your event both visually and auditory. Ranch Events can help in this area, and our engineers can guide you through a simple process of implementation.

Crafty Beers & Corporate Cocktails

Team up with a local brewery to bring a selection of craft beers to your event. Local craft beer breweries offer a personalized and regional factor for your guests to enjoy, all the while having some stellar beverages to drink. San Diego is renowned for its sporting the biggest “craft” beer market in the country.  So why not take advantage of this trend. You and your guests will love it   Another great twist at the beverage station is creating a corporate cocktail. This cocktail can either be specific or unique to the company or the event. Give it a witty and catchy name that will have all the attendees talking (or cheering) by the end of the night. The Ranch Events bartenders are pros and can help you come up with or create the perfect cocktail for your event.

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Dazzling Design Trends

To create an eye-catching and unique event, combine a color that utilizes patterns for your room décor. This winning combination of colors and designs can stimulate your guest interest and have them talking about your event months later. Finding a venue with lots of personality is also a great starting point for planning an event. Marina Village, where Ranch Events caters many of its parties, is just such a site. Marina Village is a popular destination for both intimate occasions and corporate events. This venue offers many different sized rooms to accommodate most event sizes and offers a beautiful Marina as its backdrop. Depending on your event you may need to think about different things that make the venue unique such as performance space, type of venue or décor. Leave the days of monochromatic themes behind and use splashes of color to brighten and liven up the event. Mix up the visual interest by incorporating patterns or multiple colors. Chevron, polka dot or houndstooth makes welcome additions to any company color scheme!

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With the assortment of great food selections, adding in some tech trends, offering unique beverages choices and using dazzling color designs; your corporate event with Ranch Events planning the details will be a huge hit! Give us a call today so we can get started on your Summer Corporate get-together.

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