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Ranch Events was the chosen San Diego Catering Company by Saint John of the Cross Catholic School

Posted on November 12, 2015


Ranch Events Specialist and crew were chosen by Saint John of the Cross Catholic School to prepare and serve the food at their annual fundraising event for parents and members in their community. Each year all 5th graders are given an opportunity to travel in November to Valley Forge on a fieldtrip to Freedoms Foundation in Philadelphia. The money earned at this yearly event help the 5th graders pay their fieldtrip expenses. The school encourages students to attend this American rich learning experience where the ideals and the principles of our free country were born and contribute to the common good of our society. The school believes this fieldtrip enhances the students’ experience of being an American and teaches why Americans choose to call this nation “our” home. Part of being an American is the appreciation of the vast history of how this land became the great nation we live in. read more

Other than Turkey, Try Something Different on Thanksgiving

Posted on November 11, 2015

Turkey is an excellent source of lean protein, but not everyone is a fan of the famous holiday bird. So why not try another main attraction for your Thanksgiving table? Consider these other options:

Baked Ham. Next to turkey, ham might be the second-most popular main dish served during the holiday season. Try baking ham in champagne.  This change to how you bake ham  will have your guests saying “What turkey?”


Chicken Breast. Chicken is another safe bet for non-turkey Thanksgiving, because it is a dish that everyone is familiar with. The chicken breasts can even be split and stuffed. read more