Wedding Florists

San Diego Wedding FloristsWhen it comes to wedding planning, flowers play an important role. Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special and some believe, without flowers a wedding is incomplete. The decision as to what kind of flowers and arrangements selected is usually left up to the bride. Flowers help create a theme and represent the bride’s personality and taste. Beautiful floral arrangements make a wedding more memorable and provide a finishing touch to this lifetime event.

One can easily find hundreds of wedding florist in San Diego who will be more than willing to provide their expertise on your special day; but before you make a florist selection, there are some important elements to consider:

    1. 1. When flowers are a priority – if you are getting married during the peak wedding season, floral costs will usually be higher, and your florists of choice might be booked. So when flowers are a “must have” essential for your wedding day; start the floral and florist selection early in your wedding planning process.


    1. 2. Know your budget – Establish and define a budget with your florists in the early planning stage. This is very important because this information will be used to create a design that will be financially compatible with you, your style, and to everyone’s satisfaction.


  1. 3. Identify your style – Before you select a florist, use the internet to view the many style choices you will need to consider. Knowing upfront what floral style you prefer will help your florist design something within your budget parameters. There are many floral styles you can select for your wedding. Some of them are:
  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Natural
  • Bold
  • Modern
  • Wild


Communicate with your florist what kind of floral arrangements you like and don’t be afraid to overlap multiple styles. Getting floral arrangement pictures from the internet or the florist portfolio will assist and aid you and your florist in designing the perfect display or bouquet.

When you are researching wedding floral designs and florist, here is a list of items that you should not miss:

    1. 1. Using the internet and your favorite search engine is a good first step in your research.


    1. 2. The second best step is talking with friends and, of course, San Diego Wedding florists. These two

points of contact can help suggest new and unique ideas not found in Step #1, the internet.

    1. 3. Reviewing wedding websites and blogs can point you to which wedding florists are the most


    1. 4. Discuss your style with florists to narrow down your research.


    1. 5. Check and compare prices and ask for a list of exactly what will be included.


    1. 6. Don’t be reluctant to ask various questions regarding the design process, set-ups, and are sample
      available, etc.


  1. 7. Last but not least, get a written quote.

Once you have chosen your florists as per your taste and budget, you will be presented with a floral proposal. The proposal will include many provisions, read them thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask for changes that will best meet your needs. It is best to talk with your chosen florists well in advance because time constraints may not allow you to answer questions or have much contact on the day of the wedding. This type of “back-and-forth” communication is the kind of relationship you should look for in choosing your florist. They should be someone who can take your vision and run with it, who offers advice and suggestions but gives you the final say, and who commits to working within your style and price range.