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How to Plan a Successful Employee Appreciation Event in San Diego

Posted on February 25, 2017

There are many details that go into planning a corporate event. Before a menu can be designed or a venue reserved; the event planner needs to make sure the client understands all the details that will be required. This multifaceted process applied to plan client events is also the same method used in organizing an employee appreciation celebration.  The following guidelines are used in planning any type of occasion:


Step 1: Define Event Goals

When you look back at events, what made them successful is an important aspect.  For a March employee appreciation event, the first step is to recognize committed employees who boost morale and have outstanding performances. According to a McKinsey Quarterly survey, praise and recommendation is the number one performance stimulus for 67% of employees. These two motivators are true even when compared to non-cash and financial incentives.


Step 2: Choose a Concurrent Theme

The theme will set the tone of an affair and help shape how it impacts guests; so make sure it is in line with the event goals.  Sharing the company’s roots with all employees set a solid foundation for recognizing current efforts that make the company proud of each and every staff members.


An employee appreciation event includes new and long-time employees and each should feel equally valued and rewarded. Employees who were parts of the company’s culture change and those just starting with the company will gain an appreciation of what their commitment to Company values means.


Step 3: Select an Event Date and Location

With a broad picture in mind for your employee appreciation gathering, finer details must be addressed.

Although there is no shortage of amazing San Diego venues for employee celebrations; Ranch Events is the primary occupant for two beautiful sites located in Marina Village.  These two venues are the Seaside Room and the Catalina Room.   Ranch Events is the exclusive caterer for these two rooms but their catering services can be used in other Marina Village site.


Step 4: Design a Complementary Menu

The style of food and beverage service can have a significant impact on guests’ desire to engage.  Whether Ranch Events is planning an employee appreciation event, corporate gathering or an office meeting; making sure the food contributes to the appropriate atmosphere for activities is the number one goal.  Ranch Events can design a custom menu to match any event.


Step 5: Make a Follow-Up Plan of Action

After the employee appreciation event, plan a communication platform for employees and or guests to reflect/post meeting comments.


Send events details to employees via email, a private Facebook group and or posted on blackboards and screens in the office.  Using multiple styles of communication ensures employees who could not attend have an understanding of the celebration’s festivities.  Motivating employees is the goal of this type of an event; keeping all employees involved and apprised of the event details will help foster staff to feel great pride in their company.


An amazing experience for all

Posted on February 23, 2017

Ranch Events Client’s Praise for Event Planner Rhonda Wick


We used Ranch for an event at our college. What a great experience!  I have been in the catering and service industry for years before working in higher education.  I would work for this company in a heartbeat.

To start, working with Rhonda to get the plan up and running was smooth and she was always on her “A” game. The staff that came to set up, to serve, and break down were more than I hoped for. No worries, on schedule and flexible with craziness that popped up.   Super personable and came to work!

I have to plan the graduation banquet in May and will use Ranch again and request the same crew for sure.  Aaahmazing!

Call them, do it!

Jill H

Chula Vista, CA